Cat Anti Bocor Nippon Elastex 4Kg

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02 May 2023
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Cat Anti Bocor Elastex Waterproof Paint

• Waterproof.

• Elastic.

• Hold the crack.

• Anti-alkali.

• Anti-fungus.

*Now, Nippon Elastex is available at Sumber Jaya Paint Brothers

Product Description

Anti-leaking Paint ELASTEX WATERPROOF is an anti-leaking coating paint with excellent latex elastomeric acrylic latex material to prevent water leakage, covering cracked hair and can also serve as a superior base paint. It has a watertight, elastic, crack-resistant, anti-alkali, anti-fungal, strong adhesive and anti-melt / melting properties.

Anti-leaking Paint ELASTEX WATERPROOF is used in places that often have leaks such as ceilings, roofs, gutters or joints, roof tiles or zinc, asbestos or wooden roofs, concrete roofs, water tanks, outer walls, etc. This paint can be used on cement / concrete, wood, iron and zinc.

Painting System

As an anti-leak coating paint:

(1) Clean the surface of dust, dirt and other contaminants.

(2) Use Elastex Waterproof 2 layers on the surface you want to protect.

To close the cracked part:

(1) Layer of cracked parts with polyester fiber.

(2) Apply Elastex Waterproof to the coated cracks.

Do not paint on air humidity> 85% and / or air temperature less than 7 degrees Celsius. All equipment should be thoroughly cleaned with water after use.

Data Applications

Dilution: 20% Clean water.

Application: Brush or roll.

Theoretical Coverage: 7.5 - 9 m2 / kg / layer.

Drying Time:

• Dry Touch: 15 minutes.

• Dried Hard: 90 minutes.

Next Painting Interval: 2 hours.

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