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Sumber Jaya Paint Brothers (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Paint Shop / Cheap Paint Agent (Cheapest and Complete) in Jakarta.

We, Sumber Jaya Paint Brothers, are suppliers of paint products, thinner (solvent), and equipment for construction / building, industry, marine, workshop, furniture, and housing.
In the supply of paint, we partner with some of the best suppliers: Jotun, Nippon Paint, PT ICI Paint, Mowilex Indonesia, Propan, Pacific Paint, and so forth.
Get the best paint and thinner price just in our place.

The goods we supply include:
 1. Car Paint / Duco (automotive),
 2. Wall Paint (decorative),
 3. Wood Paint / Iron (synthetic),
 4. Melamic (Furniture),
 5. Marine Paint (industrial / protective), etc.
 In addition we also sell a variety of other items, such as:
 1. Thinner,
 2. Putty,
 3. Glue,
Stirring / painting (tinting / mixing) is also available (either manual or automatic with the machine).
Jotun Multicolor and Jotun Multicolor Industry
Nippon Color Creations and Nippon CC Pro
Dulux Color Solutions,
Mowilex Inspiring Color,
Propan Multicolor Center,
and Bellanova Mixing Color


Industri Raya no 17d, Gunung Sahari Jakarta Pusat 10620
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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  • Industri Raya no 17d, Gunung Sahari Jakarta Pusat
  • Phone: (021) 62202126, (021) 6268141, (0819) 32185139
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Working Days/Hours: Mon - Sun / 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Kami, Sumber Jaya / Paint Brothers, merupakan supplier barang-barang berupa cat dan thinner ( solvent) untuk keperluan konstruksi/ bangunan, industri, marine, bengkel, furniture, maupun perumahan.More Detail

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