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Specification of Nippon Spotless

Paint anti-stain
• With Stain Guard, formulation of liquid stains do not stick on the wall
• Longer lasting Color with Colour Protect
• Anti mildew and fungus
• Safe for health and does not smell (with VOC levels less than 0.63 gr/ltr or near ZERO VOC)
Product Description
NIPPON SPOT-LESS is a premium paint formulated for interior usage, has excellent durability against household dirt (tea, wine, coffee, ink, lipstick, hand, juice, etc.). This cat has a thrust towards hydrophilic stain so that it is easy to clean. It is made of premium paint is very good quality.
Excellence NIPPON SPOT-LESS is a water resistant, easy to clean, doesn't smell at the time of application and drying, non-toxic (no lead, mercury and heavy metals), anti-fungal, color is not easy to change, not easy mengapur, easy applied, easily repainted, has high lid and power the power spread is high.
NIPPON SPOT-LESS suitable for decorating and protecting the surface of the wall made of cement, plaster, bricks and walls of fiber. (Thrust hydrophilic means having high durability against stain penetration of aqueous hydrophilic nature by way of making the stain became small particles on the surface of the paint so easy to clean).
Application Data
Number of Layers: 2 (two) layers.
Spread the theoretical power: 10-12 m2/litre/lapis.
Drying Time:
• Touch Dry: 30 minutes.
• Dried hard: 1 hour.
The next Painting interval: 3 hours.

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